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Getting your gutter cleaning done before winter sets in

Winter is that time of the year when everyone has to take precautions like; inspecting your window panes, fireplace, and cleaning your gutters. Your gutters are the frontline of defense in preventing leaks into your home. Gutters are the passageways of water/snow falling on the roof, and there is no other season that exposes your home to gutter damage as much as Winter. Why you should get your gutters clean Rotting fascia boards, flooded basements, cracked walls/patios are common unfortunate events you can avoid by cleaning your gutter. Cleaning your gutters will; Prevent leaking and sagging gutters When you have a 'free' gutter, water or melted snow will be able to pass through without settling or gathering on the channels. If water or melted ice cannot flow through the gutter, it will form a 'lake' together with debris falling around the roof, and make the gutter sag/leak in.  Prevents germs on the roof of your house Stagnant water is a good breeding ground for moss, ferns, algae, and many other organisms. Once these bacteria/fungi are present, they begin to 'attack' your roof, which can lead to corrosion (metallic roofs) or wood destruction. Avoid costly repairs A leaking gutter is not only aesthetically disturbing but very problematic inside the homes. Repairing a sagged or damaged gutter will cost you a lot of stress, time, and money. Damages to your gutter also lead to chain events like roof damage, and repairing these damages will not come easy. Damaged gutters are a disaster for the health You do not want to add allergies/ill health together with the biting cold that the winter season brings; it will be a catastrophe. Clogged and damaged gutters are breeding grounds for different allergies/illness-causing micro-organisms. These micro-organisms can slip into the house and do real damage to the health of the inhabitants. Keep the Pests Out Clean gutters help to keep insects/pests away from your property; most of these pests get their food from debris that gathers in the gutter. Keeping your gutter(s) can help to rid your property from these pests once and for all. How to clean your gutters If you want to clean your gutters yourself, then you have to prepare to work at height. First, you will need to get all the tools the job requires; screwdriver,  power washer, brush, rakes, brooms a rod. Navigate yourself to the top of the building (advisable through steady ladders)Check for clogs/debris/cracks on the gutter-ways by physical inspectionTap one edge of the gutter and...


Why It Is Important To Clean Your Gutters After The Pollen Season

The pollen season is of crucial importance to the continued existence of plants and by extension, humans, and animals. The pollen season starts from early spring or late winter to Fall/Autumn, where there are a lot of pollen grains in the environment. Pollens contain the DNA of plants and are the sole factor in the asexual reproduction of plants.           Pollen grains are ultra-small in size and ‘weightless’ and can be transferred by wind, birds, insects, other animals and humans. Because of this, after the pollen season, they are still suspended almost everywhere in the surroundings, like on cars, rooftops, roads, gutters, etc. and can be quite bad in the surroundings. While it is important to clean your gutters and other water ‘waterways,’ at least, three times a year, the most important time or season to clean your gutter is during or after the pollen season. Here are reasons why you should clean your gutters most especially after the pollen season; It prevents unwanted gutter ‘garden’ When debris and mold clog the pathway of your gutter, plants (weed) begin to grow along the way of the gutter, and pollens dutifully help the growth of these plants.  The unwanted ‘garden’ also attracts animals like rats, and birds to the gutter, and most of these animals could get inside the homes and destroy some items in the home. It prevents allergy by eliminating pollen colony Pollens are one of the top ten causes of allergies around the world. Allergies caused by pollens can be inimical to human health. Some of them include; itchy nose,sinus congestion,severe coughing,severely itchy throats. In severe cases, pollens trigger allergic symptoms such as rhinitis and asthma. Most of the pollens dispersed by wind settle on your roofs or the gutter and constant cleaning of the gutter would dispel these pollens from clogging there.  It reduces the pollen count in the Environment The pollen count is the amount of pollen grain in the environment. A high pollen count in the environment is very hazardous to human health as detailed previously. Clearing the gutters after the pollen season would prevent the accumulation of pollens after the season, which means pollen grain is no longer scattered by the wind. It prevents wreckage of your gutter The clogging of your gutter by mold, debris, and other pollen agents adds excessive weight to your gutter. The pollen grains, if in abundance, adds to the blockage of the gutter and prevent the free passage...