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Why It Is Important To Clean Your Gutters After The Pollen Season

The pollen season is of crucial importance to the continued existence of plants and by extension, humans, and animals. The pollen season starts from early spring or late winter to Fall/Autumn, where there are a lot of pollen grains in the environment.

Pollens contain the DNA of plants and are the sole factor in the asexual reproduction of plants.           Pollen grains are ultra-small in size and ‘weightless’ and can be transferred by wind, birds, insects, other animals and humans. Because of this, after the pollen season, they are still suspended almost everywhere in the surroundings, like on cars, rooftops, roads, gutters, etc. and can be quite bad in the surroundings.

While it is important to clean your gutters and other water ‘waterways,’ at least, three times a year, the most important time or season to clean your gutter is during or after the pollen season.

Here are reasons why you should clean your gutters most especially after the pollen season;

It prevents unwanted gutter ‘garden’

When debris and mold clog the pathway of your gutter, plants (weed) begin to grow along the way of the gutter, and pollens dutifully help the growth of these plants. 

The unwanted ‘garden’ also attracts animals like rats, and birds to the gutter, and most of these animals could get inside the homes and destroy some items in the home.

It prevents allergy by eliminating pollen colony

Pollens are one of the top ten causes of allergies around the world. Allergies caused by pollens can be inimical to human health. Some of them include;

  • itchy nose,
  • sinus congestion,
  • severe coughing,
  • severely itchy throats.

In severe cases, pollens trigger allergic symptoms such as rhinitis and asthma. Most of the pollens dispersed by wind settle on your roofs or the gutter and constant cleaning of the gutter would dispel these pollens from clogging there. 

It reduces the pollen count in the Environment

The pollen count is the amount of pollen grain in the environment. A high pollen count in the environment is very hazardous to human health as detailed previously. Clearing the gutters after the pollen season would prevent the accumulation of pollens after the season, which means pollen grain is no longer scattered by the wind.

It prevents wreckage of your gutter

The clogging of your gutter by mold, debris, and other pollen agents adds excessive weight to your gutter. The pollen grains, if in abundance, adds to the blockage of the gutter and prevent the free passage of water during rainfall. This excessive weight to your gutter from the stagnant water can cause sagging of the gutters or complete wreckage of the gutter. 

Also, the accumulation of stagnant water leads to leakage of the roof, causing water to seep into the house.

It shields your roof from ‘pollen oxidation’

In conclusion, few species of pollen from trees possess high oxidizing power similar to some weak acids. When these pollen grains react with moisture (through rainfall or high humidity), the resulting reaction eats away constantly at the surface of your roof.